For LED lighting, the future is now, and Levior Lighting remains at the forefront. All of our Fixtures and LED bulbs save up to 80% more energy than traditional lighting without sacrificing the quality of bright light.

Oriented to our customers, we pride ourselves on offering limited warranties and affordable prices on all Levior Lighting products.

Powerful LEDs are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with small footprint, long life and energy efficiency. Built-in heat-sinks allow the packages to handle up to almost any wattage, and the LEDs have an operating lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.


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«Congregation Beth Israel wishes to thank you for your in-kind donation ..»

Beth Israel, 2020

«Thank you for Levior Energy’s 2020 in-kind donations toward lighting installation project costs . «

Goodwill, 2020

» Thank you for your generous contribution. «

United Chrisitan Church, 2020